Features & Benefits

Take your installation business to a new level of efficiency and automation with field service software from Cilio. Our CiO app gives you powerful tools to manage all your installation jobs from start to finish. It gives visibility of vital job information to the people who need to see it, when and where they need it most. Mobile devices extend your office to every jobsite in real-time, enabling communication at a whole new level, even for the “technically challenged” members of your team. With the ability to complete and send job documents from the field, you can stop chasing crews for paperwork, which saves time and money.

Go Paperless

  • Job info and paperwork exist as electronic records, all in one place
  • Field crews access their paperwork on any mobile device
  • Save your current forms as blank templates to fill out and send electronically
  • Capture electronic signatures on your own forms right at the jobsite   

Reduce Manual Data Entry

  • Automatically transfer Lowe’s and Home Depot orders to CiO
  • Integrate with QuickBooks to automatically share cost and invoice detail
  • Integrate with MeasureSquare to share flooring measurements across tools
  • Upload business forms and use CiO to add notes and digital signatures
  • Bring in new sales leads with your own online lead form with no data entry

Go Mobile

  • Provide your field personnel with access to CiO via any mobile operating system
  • Share real-time job updates with the field
  • Get started fast with CiO’s easy-to-use interface

Why CiO

CiO was built specifically for installation companies and their unique business processes. For more than 17 years, Cilio Technologies has been committed to helping manufacturers, fabricators, and installers of home products simplify their business processes, improve team communication, and reduce paperwork. We are a team of software developers with experience in installed sales organizations. Combining this expertise, we’ve built a product that is easy to use, fast to implement, and affordable for companies of all sizes.


Cilio CiO is rich with features that help you work smarter, not harder. CiO was built with installers in mind and is continuously being improved based on installer feedback. We want to make the best tool for managing installation jobs.

Many of the features listed here are available as part of our Essentials and Premium packages, while others are available for an additional monthly fee – so you only pay for what you use.

One-click sign and send

Imagine your field tech tapping one button on a mobile device to fill out any desired completion document. Customer and job info pre-populate, and the tech is prompted for required signatures. The completed doc is saved, sent to anyone, and your system is updated, all automatically. This is how we do “paperwork.”  Click here to learn more!

Superior scheduling tool

To schedule techs with less drive time between jobs, CiO displays all of your projects on one map – showing you where work is already scheduled, and what else is nearby. Add customization with icons for different job types or status. Access your work schedule right from the map to simply drag-and-drop the job onto your techs calendar.

Hot buttons

Hot buttons are self-created shortcuts to accomplish multiple tasks in one click. For example, create a hot button to email job completion paperwork, save a job note, and update the job status all in one click. Control what the buttons do, what they look like, and who sees them.

Quickbooks Integration

QuickBooks integration

Eliminates hand-keying invoices by importing jobs right into your QuickBooks. We customize the way job data is sent to your QuickBooks, so records will look just like you’re used to seeing them (with no data entry).

Data collection and filtering

Easily create an area where you can collect specific info on each job, such as age of home, jobsite prep needed, scope of work, lockbox code, other job issues, etc. Capture this info and share it with your crew, keep it for office use only, or build a report to analyze it. Brings consistency and communication where you need it most.

Build My Brand custom theme

Make CiO your own, by applying your company logo and branding. Aside from a custom look to your software, your logo is also applied to outgoing email or fax communications.

MeasureSquare integration

CiO is integrated with the flooring estimation tool, MeasureSquare. Click one button to start a new measure and CiO will sync the completed diagrams and create a finished estimate.

Crew payment tracking

Create rules to automatically calculate payments to your crew or sales person. Base payment on either a percentage of the job cost or a flat rate for the type of work. Provides a detail summary of your payroll, which now takes minutes to pay your crews.

PDF editor

Use your own business forms in CiO. Add text, drawings, diagrams, photos, and signatures to any PDF document. CiO can pre-populate any customer or job info right onto your forms for faster completion. This feature works on desktop or from any mobile device.

HomeDepot Integration

Home Depot integration

For companies that receive work via Home Depot’s portal, this feature ensures any updates in the CiO app automatically update in the Home Depot portal as well.

Lowes Integration

Lowes integration

This feature allows seamless transfer of orders from Lowe’s to CiO. Job data is “scraped” into CiO from emailed, or faxed, Lowe’s purchase orders. CiO is also integrated with Lowe’s IMS portal. CiO is the #1 most recommended software and works seamlessly in either store based or Central Production models.

Project Toolkit

This toolkit offers (3) exciting new features. Customer facing portal will allow your clients a special designed-by-you view of their job progress online, and ability to communicate with you right within your own system. Attachment folders provide an automated way to organize or sort your job attachments much easier. Project scheduling gives you central visibility and control to schedule individual jobs that are part of a larger project right from the same view!

Envision How Much More
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Envision How Much More
You Can Accomplish with CiO

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