Customer Experience

 In the past, providing a great customer experience required lots of manual steps, and LOTS of time with taking or making customer emails and phone calls.  But now, with the power of the Customer Facing Portal through Cilio CiO, you can eliminate hassles of babysitting customers, and refocus on what you do best while CiO provides a consistent and effective customer experience by following three simple rules; Keep it Simple, Keep it Effective, and Keep it Automatic.

Keep It Simple

  • No logins required, no special sign-ons.  Allow your customers to access their job information 24/7
  • Complete control BY you or your team with choosing what information to show to your customers OR what information to hide from your customers
  • One click note or document upload (by your customers)

Keep It Effective

  • Fast visibility allows your customers to track their job progress, instead of making pesky phones calls to you or your office team.
  • Provide powerful branding which represents your own brand and messaging.
  • Give action steps to your customers that they can engage with.  Should there be a need to send pictures, one-click upload the files and even create an alert on the activity.

Keep It Automatic

  • CiO is dynamic and built around your business.  As such, you can custom trailer communications to be automatically delivered to your customers with no interactions from you or your team.
  • Include a custom message that introduces you or your team to the customer and give one-click link access to their very own customer page.

Tailored For You

The CiO Customer Facing Portal is configurable by you or your team to match your business needs AND to allow you to take complete control with choosing what information you would like to show to your customers.  CiO also provides the tools for you to control interactions you would like to allow your customers to have within your own Customer Facing Portal, for example – allowing customers to send you a note OR picture with a tap of their finger, WITHOUT requiring a single login from anyone!

Keyword – Simple

Cilio CiO is a web-based subscription system that provides these and many more capabilities for scheduling and order management for your business.  The configurable system allows you to specify the workflow that is right for your company through one of three flexible, affordable packages:

CiO Essentials

For smaller installation contractors focused on the basic tasks of order management, scheduling, and job tracking and fulfillment.

CiO Premium

Provides advanced scheduling and order tracking with the option to add on special features.

CiO Pro

Is a full featured system

All levels provide integration with systems from big box stores like Lowe’s and Home Depot and include all the required training to get you up to speed fast.  Monthly subscription fee is based on the number of orders processed for the month.  So, you only pay for what you need when you need it.

Envision How Much More
You Can Accomplish with CiO

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Envision How Much More
You Can Accomplish with CiO

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