Make your Lowe’s account easier to manage

Lowe’s is taking a big step forward in 2018 by launching their IMS portal, but you need a system designed to run YOUR business too. Integrated with the IMS portal, Cilio CiO is the ideal field service software for installers who want to make their Lowe’s account easier to manage.

What is changing with the IMS portal?

Lowe’s is changing the way providers interact with their Installed Sales teams and Central Production Office. Now, instead of sending your faxes or emails with install paperwork, all job communication will be done via a new online portal. You will access this portal to receive your work, upload schedule dates, job notes, and completion paperwork.

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Manage ALL your work from ONE place

Whether your work is from Lowe’s or any other source, Cilio CiO provides you ONE place to maintain your customer records, work schedule, job notes, photos, and job paperwork.

Because it is integrated with Lowe’s IMS portal, Cilio CiO allows you to automatically capture order detail from Lowe’s, share scheduling information, and exchange job details. Mobile capabilities, such as completing measures or Certificates of Completion in the field, ensure your office and field are completely connected.

Trust the #1 app for Lowe’s installers used in all 50 states!

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