With over 17 years of innovation behind us, Cilio continues to deliver solutions that keep our clients ahead of the curve, and the competition. We have developed products for a wide variety of companies, from global powerhouses, to the local contractor working from his kitchen table, supporting each with world-class service!

Cilio CiO

Manage ALL job information in ONE online application.

Cilio’s CiO app was created to streamline, automate and coordinate installation jobs from Lowe’s, Home Depot and more. With the power of paperless project management and automated data entry, you and your team can manage installation jobs easily, whether you’re in the office or in the field.


The Process of Getting More Done

Book More Work, Complete More Projects. CiO Makes Managing Installations Easy.

Order Handling

Collect order information for all jobs in one place, where users can view order detail from any computer or mobile device at any time. Your team will have all the job information before they arrive on site.

  • Auto data entry from Lowe’s and Home Depot orders
  • Capture customer and order info for all other sales channels
  • Minimize paperwork – less faxing, copying, printing, and filing

Job Scheduling 

CiO puts all of your jobs on a map so you can schedule technicians by skill, geography, and availability. Drag-and-drop tools make it easy to plan your jobs and get everyone to work faster!
  • Drag and drop scheduling
  • See all jobs (Lowes, Home Depot, and other sources) visually on one map
  • Automatically send schedule notifications to your big box partner
  • See at-a-glance priorities for the day

Job Management

CiO stores order detail, so you can quickly review job status, access business documents, and communicate with your team and big box partners.
  • Customer information, job notes, crew schedule, and paperwork all in one place
  • Document management tools that allow you to use your own business forms
  • Central visibility for the whole team
  • Full mobile access for instant connectivity
  • Customization for your specific business needs

Complete Jobs & Get Paid!

With CiO, you can wrap up projects right from the job site. Send final paperwork and receive approval signatures, all within the mobile app. Automatically share information with QuickBooks and big box portals so you can submit invoices and get paid faster.

  • Capture customer signatures digitally and return them with one click (including Lowe’s CoCs)
  • Complete and send any other paperwork via mobile app
  • Automatically share financial data with QuickBooks
  • Auto-send invoices or documents to Lowe’s

Cilio Partner’s Portal

Cilio’s inaugural product, the Cilio Partner’s Portal, helps manufacturers manage their retail channels more effectively. It offers a secure, web-based platform to automate distribution and management of installed sales and associated purchase orders for retail home improvement stores and manufacturers.

The Cilio Partners Portal brings together trading partners and orders in a single environment, enabling better communication and total visibility into each and every sales order – from creation through completion. Companies gain insights that help reduce the time and cost of order distribution and management, manage trading partner networks, build new sales channels, and increase revenues.

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Envision How Much More
You Can Accomplish with CiO

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