What is CiO?

Cilio CiO is a comprehensive install management platform tailored specifically for your businesses unique needs.

Whether the job is from Re-Bath; Lowe’s IME, Home Depot ICONX or direct work via i360, Cilio CiO helps installers manage projects of all types in one easy to use app!


Lowe’s IME

CiO is integrated with both Lowe’s IMS and Installation Made Easy (MIC) portals. Your Rebath leads from IME will automatically import into your system with no data entry. Enjoy numerous efficiencies for automatically updating IME from your own system for things like assigning an estimator, passing job notes, uploading attachments, changing statuses, etc. Cilio has also built extensive integrations with Lowe’s IMS as well.  Read more about Lowe’s IMS Integration here

Home Depot ICONX

CiO is fully integrated with HD ICONX.  Receive all your work, paperwork, notes and item specifics automatically into your CiO account.  Easily access store & provider notes, access HD Job Documents and more.



System Features


  • Lowe’s:  Integrated with Installation Made Easy (IME) and (IMS) portals
  • Home Depot:  Integrated with ICON/ICONX portals
  • All in one place:  Cilio is where you’ll see and manage all work in one system
  • Visibility:  See where EVERY job stands in a single view
  • Configurable:  Simple to setup the app around your unique needs
  • Job Signoffs:  Or any “paperwork” easily completed or signed from any mobile device
  • Communication:  Built in email or texting capabilities, customized to your needs
  • Customer Online View:  Follow project progress online and communicate 24/7
  • Mobile:  Simple views with offline capabilities for your non-techy techs
  • Support:  Best-in-class with 1/1 assistance and live chat support

Goal overview

While we have Rebath clients using Cilio today, onboarding more lets us put additional work and resources on to build out the Rebath program.

Your input is critical to help us launch product tracking and management capabilities, additional integrations, and more.


Short Term Goal

Make CiO available to all franchise locations. 


Long Term Goal

Review needs and custom build an Enterprise solution for Rebath.


Imagine what cilio can do for your business?