“We love how adaptable our system is and how we have created a software platform that is so easy to use!  We also love how CiO can be customized and created around any type of business.”  CIO has exceeded expectations and is always looking to make things even better!”

Accel Unlimited

“We absolutely love CiO’s integrated scheduling software!  We have created an easier workflow, and, CiO has made it possible to visually see all of our installers routes, any jobs needing attention and all of our completed jobs in one map.”

David Harris-Synergy/RMA
“The scheduling, mapping (being able to see the jobs on a map) and entire system automation, is a lifesaver!  CiO cuts your office and field work in half! I went from working 15 hours a day in the office and now, less than 8 hours!”
Dynamic Delivery Blinds
CIO is so automated that we were able to cut 4 employees out of the production office.  ALL installers should know how easy the integration is and how efficient CiO is.  We are very happy the fact that our CIO system helped to raise our google score from a 2.1 w/ 72 reviews, to now a 4.5 w/486 reviews in less than 10 months.  We do a lot of work for LOWE’s and “automation is the key to increasing your orders!”
R&R Plumbing

“The scheduler, the pre-filled applicator with the automated emails and texting options, have allowed us to spend a lot more time at home with our families instead of in our office making calls and doing paperwork.  CiO is so adaptable and it allows other companies to play in the sandbox together.

Alexander Flooring

“Hands down, CiO has the best customer service!  It set’s CIO apart from the competition.  CiO’s ability to integrate with QuickBooks has made office work much more efficient with a lot less paperwork.”

Major Plumbing

Envision How Much More
You Can Accomplish with CiO

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Envision How Much More
You Can Accomplish with CiO

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