THE Cio toolkit is now live!

Designed for the K&B Remodeler, or anyone who craves an easier way to keep customers better informed

#1.  Online Customer View!  

[Click Here] for a short video preview!

Ok, let’s paint the picture… Shortly after the job is sold, your customer receives a note with a link to view their job online.  Patterned after the Domino’s pizza app, they can check job progress 24/7, upload photos, and even interact with you RIGHT FROM WITHIN YOUR OWN SYSTEM, without ever having to pick up a phone!

The customers view is tailored to your taste, can be setup in just minutes, and best of all requires NO manual updates from your office to maintain!  Doing multiple jobs for the same customer?  No prob! They can all show up right together in the same customer view. Put miles between your local competition and improve the customer experience all at once. Oh yes, we did!

#2. Attachment Folders:

Do you find it hard to quickly find the attachment you want? Set it once, and your attachments will be auto-organized cleanly into folders so you can find them faster (no drag/drop even needed)! You’ll have a couple folder options, and the nice thing is your setting is user-specific. Meaning, YOU can see it your way, and someone else sees it how THEY wish. Simply set it, forget it, and enjoy a cleaner view of your “paperwork” and photos!

#3. Project Scheduling:

Does your work sometimes have several individual jobs that are part of a larger Project? Ie, Kitchen or Bath remodel, or multiple appliances, multiple doors, etc. that are sold as individual jobs?

Project Scheduling is a special section right in your job page, that will stack these individual jobs right next to each other. You can set and coordinate the schedule of each job, edit appointment times, change/add crewman, etc. ALL FROM THE SAME VIEW! Even when life or a no-show plumber bumps your project timeline, you can push the rest of the project easily forward or backwards. Schedule your projects with confidence and eliminate human error now that you can see the bigger picture!

Other New Features Available Today!  

Tracking Crew Expirations:
If you use CiO to track your crews Badge or Insurance Expirations, we now have a new color-coded report to quickly see who is coming overdue and when! Can even store a copy of their certificate right in your system.

Tracking your Time In Phase:
Now updated to let YOU choose what timeframes you’d like to measure. Very flexible to drill down trends both current and historic. Just look in reporting for *NEW* Time in Phase with selectable timeframes

Organize my Subs!
Now, your subcontractors can open their OWN unique CiO account, and we can push scheduled work from your acct. right into theirs. No more double booking, and now your sub can enjoy all THEIR work in one place too!

CiO Excelled:
This popular feature is often used to mark a list of jobs as paid quickly. Now, it can also be used to produce a list of your work, make needed changes, and import it right back into your system to lock down your updates!

UPCOMING Enhancements

In-app texting:
This upcoming feature will provide text messaging capabilities to Crew Members, Customers, or anyone you wish right from within CiO!

Mobile App with Offline Capabilities:
We are currently working on a downloadable app thru iTunes and Google Play Store to provide field techs true offline use of their mobile devices!

Did you know CiO can…  

Improve your online ratings:
You can send either a fully automated or one-click request to your customers at the end of a job with a link to leave you a great online survey (CiO Hot Buttons)

Remind your Customers:
You can send a day before or same-day reminder to your customer of their upcoming appointment. (CiO Hot Buttons)

Crew Photos:
Say Cheese! Upload a photo of your team member to easily see who saved the last job note, or even include it in your customer reminder so they know who to expect at tomorrows appointment.

Automate your Hot Buttons:
Made some of your own Hot Buttons and don’t want to click it? Automate it now! Multiple options based on what/when you want to accomplish.

Email replies:
When someone replies to an email sent from CiO, you can now decide who specifically gets it instead of having every response simply go back to your company address! (My Client Connections)

Sitewide Searching:
This handy search box sits ready on every screen at the top and can find most anything from Project #’s to IMS statuses (by hitting job info after entering search criteria)!

Schedule work tighter
You can see a tech’s daily route along with any unscheduled work right from the same view (CiO Map)

Fill in last-minute job cancellations
You can quickly find other work right down the road (CiO map)

Track Crew badge/Insurance Expirations
You can enter and track the expiration dates of crew badges, general liability/workers comp insurances, etc. by crew member, and even save an electronic copy of the doc!

Group similar jobs together:
Want to see or group multiple jobs together for better visibility? Simply add the same “Project Umbrella” name to each, and viola: they will sit linked neatly together for scheduling or tracking purposes.

Crew Payment by Line Item:
If you pay your crews by specific line items, we can likely track their payroll accurately now based on your pay sheet!

Scheduler updates:
You can now Color-Code time blocks on the schedule, enjoy additional sorting options, or take your schedule into a full-page view!

Pay YOU!
Yes, refer us a client we don’t know and receive a $200 check or credit when they sign up!

Envision How Much More
You Can Accomplish with CiO

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Envision How Much More
You Can Accomplish with CiO

Request a Demo Today