intro: Lowe’s Payment api

We can automatically scan IMS for recent payments and then mark those jobs as paid in CiO. You have full control over when and where the job moves when we find a matching payment. Even helps identify those pesky exception payments not in your system yet. This control can be found in the company snapshot. Options/My Settings/Company Snapshot

    • Click ‘edit’ just under your company address and scroll down.

    • You can set the move-to options. So that jobs don’t get pulled out of scheduled status if Lowes pays them early. And you can set one or multiple emails to receive a daily update on the payments showing what was matched and what was not.

Custom Hot BUttons

The ability to have more than one programming point in a single button. Just put  ;  in between each one. They will fire in the order that they are entered. Programming points are very specific codes to do specialized functions with integrations. Contact Cilio Support for a full list.

  • The most common programming points:

  • cio_job_set_followupdate_###### – Changes the Follow-up date in IMS

  • cio_lowes_excessmaterial_api  – Captures the answer to the excess materials question in lieu of signing a COC

  • cio_lowes_complete_and_send_coc_in_lowes  – Finds the related Lead-Safe file from the detail and sends it to IMS when you close the installation

Hot button Surveys

You can setup an automation to dramatically boost your ratings on any online platform like Google, Facebook, Yelp, or just prep a client for an expected big-box survey coming. When your job hits a certain status in CiO, we automatically trigger a text or email to your customer thanking them for their business and to click a survey link.

This drops them off right on your Google page and with 2 taps leave you a good rating. Your online reputation improves dramatically, all with zero additional effort from your office team. To start this, ask our support team to help you setup the one Hot Button automation.

Hot button comments in additional places

If you have a hot button that is collecting comments (from installers, office, etc.) there is an additional control to include that comment to more places in addition to the standard email.

Buttons can be dragged to change positions they show on a job page. Just pick up the entire row and drag it to reorder your button list. This will also change the position on the job page.

We also added a copy button. For those times when you need to make several buttons with just one small change per button. Just click copy, and your new button will appear at the bottom of the list.

intro: JIRA Tracking

Our new issues tracker for CiO is ready for takeoff!  This will give you and your team greater visibility to issues that you have reported and allow you to receive real-time updates on progress. In the coming weeks, key members of your team will receive invitations via email to this new system.

Lead safe certification

Now you can store individual Lead Certifications per user. These can then be mapped into a template for easier LRRP forms

Catch lead safe jobs

Previously, if a job was closed using a hot button and IMS rejected the lead-safe answer (missing, invalid, etc.) there was no visibility to that issue until the job showed up on your IMS overdue list.

Now we are reading the IMS error code and can move the rejected job to a status of your choice for review. This should give you visibility to jobs that were completed with an incorrect/missing lead-safe answer and allow you to correct it before it becomes a problem.

Under options/My Settings/Job Status there is a designated status called Lead-Safe Review that you could activate for this purpose.

color coding by job status

Now you can set colors for your Job status in addition to the Task Type. This will allow you to quickly scan your calendar to see jobs that may not be in the status you expect. Like appointments that are unconfirmed, or post jobs that have not been marked complete.

Go to Options/My Settings/Job status and pick your colors. Then use the toggle on the calendar to switch between the color schemes.

Reporting access by role

You can now limit access to specific reports by role. Go into the Admin permissions and turn on the permission: Can change viewable report roles

Then go to the reporting section to set the access.


new kpi report (lowe’s)

In Options/Reporting you will find two reports focused on the KPI’s that Lowes tracks most often. These will allow you to have numbers at your fingertips

editing multiple permissions

Simple updates go a long way!  Now you can edit multiple permission sets at the same time! Just select a role to edit, and check the edit box beside any additional roles that should also be edited.


adv. search on homepage

Additional search fields can be found on the home page under ‘advanced’

getting the most out of your CiO account?

Request a “Tune up “

Our amazing Support team is always here to answer your questions, but you may want a deeper dive in preparation for a busy Spring season.

We can review your account and make personalized recommendations on system improvements.

For a one-time $500 you will get 3-4 hours of 1/1 attention from our support experts to help setup new features, identify easier/faster ways of accomplishing tasks, and/or streamline your workflow to get you running lean and mean!

Next Steps:  Send us an email at, Live Chat requesting the “CiO Tune-Up” OR Call!

New features coming soon!

IME integration release

We are in the final stages of testing our IME integration and expect it to launch in Jan of 2022


Think of Activities like a standardized “To-Do” list to help bring some structure to your workflow process. Activities are assigned to a person, carry their own status, due date, comments, and display on a simple dashboard based on due date. You can require certain things like taking a photo or capturing some data before they close, and even trigger any automation desired when closed. Coming Q1 of 2022

Quoting module

Create customized quotes for your customers based on your own custom database of labor and product items. These can be categorized and grouped for even faster package quotes. Coming Q1 of 2022

Payment processing

Working seamlessly with the new quoting tool or as needed with any job, will allow you to take customer payments via credit card directly through the CiO application. Coming Q2 2022

New Texting Provider

There are (4) total National cell phone carriers that every cell phone company uses for phone service and delivering text messages. To protect their users, they are ever vigilant to prevent spamming efforts, and at some point, could interpret your texts as spam, which requires us to swap your texting number. We are changing the 3rd party provider that Cilio uses to deliver your texts to these (4) carriers. While this change will be nearly invisible to you, this new company has extra means to help us get “Whitelisted” with the carriers so you’ll never be suspected of sending “Spam”. Better deliverability with less drama! Testing now and coming in Q1 2022

Scheduling by Capacity

Make better scheduling decisions by narrowing down the available installer list based on the variables YOU care about. For example, crews that can’t remove tile, work above a 2nd story, or move gas appliances. You’ll see the available capacity for each tech, and see how “booked” each of their weeks already are to ensure your whole crew stays fed and busy. Coming Q2 2022

Scheduler/map split screen with drag & drop off the map

Enhanced scheduling capabilities are in the works right now. Will provide a split screen view with a map on one side and your schedule on the other. Filter the map to fit your needs showing all scheduled/unscheduled work, crew routes, etc., drag a job from the map and drop it right on your techs schedule. Coming Q1 2022

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