Project management software built for Lowe’s PROviders

Project management software can transform your business. And as a Lowe’s PROvider, you need a product that delivers time-saving automation, real-time project insights, and superior integration with Lowe’s IMS. Read on to find out how Cilio’s Customer Installations Online (CiO) gives you the most visibility, control, and customization of your Lowe’s installation processes.

This list provides a comprehensive look at the reasons why Cilio’s CiO is the best move your company can make. Take a look, and let us know when you’re ready to get started. 


General Overview:

Seamlessly integrated with IMS, Cilio CiO:

  • Complies with Lowe’s strict security standards
  • Allows you to manage your Lowe’s work without having to go into IMS
  • Monitors IMS “health” and uptime, only sending updates when IMS is able to receive them, so no job updates are lost
  • Allows you to switch to IMS with the tap of one button to auto-open that job in IMS with no searching
  • Is built on the same Microsoft platform as IMS

Job Visibility

  • See the status of EVERY job in your system from the same dashboard view
  • Empower each user to set their dashboard to see what THEY care most about
  • Get clean views: No flipping between tabs or hunting for info. One job = One page. Simple.
  • Work Smarter: CiO automatically relates work so that when your tech is doing the install, they can see what was measured and when
  • Give your techs OFFLINE access to have full visibility of their work from anywhere

Have it your way

  • Make the system work for you: CiO is ultra-configurable, allowing you to set up and adjust workflows for YOUR company
  • Create, manage, and automate customer communications, automatically pulling in
    dynamic elements, such as customer name and appointment date, to make them more
  • Build your own fields in CiO to document job issues, ask important scheduling questions consistently, or capture other important information you’d like to report on
  • Make your own system “buttons” to complete just about any multi-step processes with a single click. Examples: assigning work, updating IMS sending communications, etc.

How CiO Works with Your Details:

Pre-scheduled details
Automatically apply prescheduled details from IMS onto your estimator’s schedule

Cancel details with one click from CiO without having to go into IMS

Customized views let your office see everything that has been scheduled, regardless of who scheduled it (employee, subcontractor, etc.). No more working in silos

Refigure requests   
Pull refigure request into your own custom status for high visibility

Quick close. Your choice of…
Instant: Once an estimator works up the measure in CiO, one tap allows them to upload it to IMS and auto closes the Detail right from the jobsite

Office review: With one tap, the estimator passes the finished Detail back for office
review before passing it to IMS

How CiO Works with Your Installs

Ready to schedule

Your system monitors IMS when the job hits “Ready to schedule” and automatically updates this in your system

Direct delivery

Automatically manages Lowes “DD confirmed” activity follow-up dates for product shipped to your own warehouse.


Report exceptions like missing/damaged product from CiO to reset IMS statuses

Lead Safe

Seamless process automatically passes Lead Safe answers and paperwork to IMS as required by Lowe’s

Three ways to manage IMS follow-up dates

Manual push: Tap a date on the calendar in CiO to push out the Activity due date

Make a one-tap button:  Pushes out the follow-up date a certain # of days, plus adds a job note in IMS

Automated:  Any Activities about to be overdue that night will be bumped one day out!







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