CiO is Cilio Technologies’ premier installation management software that is currently supporting installation and service companies of all sizes throughout the country.

CiO is a highly flexible web-based software app that helps manage a company’s business across scheduling, CRM, and Project Management needs. We combine automation and integration where needed (even with big box retailers), to easily manage all a company’s work in one place

Key benefits include:

  • Add unlimited users at no additional charge
  • Ability to automate your work into one central system for your entire team to access and use (including your dealers/stores)
  • Dynamic dashboard giving visibility for where all work stands (and what needs to happen next)
  • Field teams see schedules, job info, and easily sign documents all in live time
  • CiO provides paperless solutions and work-from-home capabilities
  • Fill out measure documents, sign waiver forms and send paperwork before even leaving a job site

Cilio CiO specializes in a variety of industries including countertops, doors and windows, plumbing, appliances,  kitchen and bath, exteriors (roofing, fences, decks), flooring and more.

The core benefits of using CiO are improved organization, efficiency, and visibility for your team.  As such, CiO customers are reporting to save 30% and 60% of operating costs.  This translates into more time and capital to invest back into growing their businesses.

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Envision How Much More
You Can Accomplish with CiO

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