Ever play phone tag with a customer to only have missed calls and traded voicemails?  This can be very frustrating and very time-consuming.  Plus, when you do connect, having to take the information discussed and manually entering it into a spreadsheet or calendar can be a real drag!  Well, now there is a better way!

To start, your customer receives a nice welcome text or email to introduce your company. This message includes a weblink that when clicked, will open directly to an online view of their job to follow along with.  With no username and password hassle, your customer can see an up-to-the-minute status of their job, and have a place to communicate with you 24/7!  The customer facing portal from CiO takes zero added effort from you or your team to maintain.  Here are a few examples of what the customer can do:

Track job progress
View their scheduled appointments
Request a reschedule
See a photo of your tech
Ask questions or share concerns
Easily upload pictures from a mobile device or computer
And More…

However you decide to use the tools, Cilio is here to help ensure your system is setup for the way YOU want YOUR business to run.

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Envision How Much More
You Can Accomplish with CiO

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