What is CiO

CiO was designed to help Lowe’s installers make their business easier to manage.  CiO allows you to have one simple place for managing ALL of your work while making IMS a no-hassle automated step.

A single app to manage your whole companies needs like:

Lead safe automation
Excess Material Check
Auto-close IMS activities
Google Map Routing
Electronic Detail Forms

and so much more!

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Cilio CiO is an online software app created by Cilio Technologies.  We have been building software for the Remodeling Industry and Big Box retail for 20+ years. Our CiO application is designed for installation and service providers both big or small, working within any trade category. 

Cilio has built custom integrations that support installers managing their work from multiple big-box retailers and also to their own private dealer/builder networks.


New Details, Installs, and Work Orders show up automatically in your CiO app.  CiO can automatically update IMS Follow-Up Dates or even send automated communications to staff, home-owners, and other people of your choice.  For installers doing more than just Lowe’s jobs, CiO will manage ALL of a company’s work regardless of where it comes from!

CiO automatically identifies if the job is Lead Safe, and even allows you to select what type of Lead Safe practices are required.  Automatically communicated to IMS, you can select a non-Lead Safe job and mark it as Lead Safe if necessary.

CiO also lets you schedule with drag/drop ease to a specific crew member, and offers tools to office staff where they can view an integrated Google Map to see where every job is located.  IMS is automatically updated and an installer’s full work schedule is easily viewed and managed from any mobile device!

Drag a scheduled appt. to a new date or time slot, the customer is alerted, and IMS is updated automatically!

 Create custom communications and alerts based on your needs.  CiO allows you to send text messages and e-mails to crews, customers, office staff, and stores.  Ex: Send customer appt. confirmations or reminders, Post-install online review requests & more!  Even engage with the recipient and give them a way to engage back with you!

The customer can even be sent a link to view their job progress online, and interact with their installer 24/7!

For details: Customer & job info prepopulate right on an electronic form where your installer adds measurements and notes.  Even have it automatically uploaded to IMS, and IMS activities closed!

For Installs: Customer can sign right on the tech’s mobile device OR check off Excess Material. Even have it automatically uploaded to IMS, and IMS activities closed!


Plus so much more to meet your needs!

Envision How Much More
You Can Accomplish with CiO

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Envision How Much More
You Can Accomplish with CiO

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