Client Testimonials 

There’s a great amount of satisfaction that comes with knowing you’ve done a great job for the clients you serve. We’re particularly happy when one of our clients takes the time to acknowledge their satisfaction with the results we’ve helped their company achieve. Take a moment to read just a few of the reviews from our valued clients.

Better than any other systems I’ve used. Haven’t needed a whole lot of support, however, when questions or issues arise, they are resolved quickly. Top notch support! An easier to maintain scheduler provides value for us.

Melissa / Incredible Installations

When my granddaughter was playing around and erased 3/4 of the schedule off my dry erase board, I knew I needed a better solution.

Rocco Hillburn / The HomePro Depot

I’ve looked at a lot systems, and most had something I liked, but didn’t have everything I needed.

Tina Hopkins / Right Angle Contracting

I’m doing a happy dance!

Sharon Muller / J&S Flooring

You all are the best!

Ashley Haston / Blind Wizard

Very insightful and helpful.  Appreciate the info and so glad we are on CiO.

Karen Workman / Blind Wizard

I work for Merrifield Builders and Construction. We utilize CiO and it has really streamlined our business. Previously we had documents stored one place, a calendar somewhere else and had to use multiple things to manage our business. As a Lowes installer this system is geared towards what we do and really assists us to make our job easier. The owners and tech department listen to our feedback and are constantly making updates to their system with our feedback and suggestions in mind. Customer care is excellent. I am always able to reach someone quickly and with ease when I have a question, concern or need assistance. I would highly recommend this product. I completed several introductions to similar software and products before deciding on this one. None of them compare and offer as much as CiO for the price.

Jessica Larkin Garber / Merrifield Builders and Construction

CiO completely revolutionized the way we do business. Productivity is up; we save 4 to 6 hours per day on manual data entry. As of now, 50% of our business is paperless and we’re moving to 100%. Best part is they tailor the software to meet your needs, whatever your installation process is. I love CiO and I know my office staff does too.

Anthony / Alexander's Flooring

The only companies to succeed in today’s current business are those that can quickly and accurately respond to customers needs. CiO affords us the ability to manage our business with not just timely, accurate responses, but with a degree of flexibility that makes us a leader in our field. Flexibility, Accuracy, and Timeliness create the foundation of a functional and thriving business… CiO delivers that foundation allowing us to build our business to bigger and greater heights.

Being able to provide excellent service and craftsmanship only gets you paid for your work. How you handle behind the scenes is what feeds your growth.  Our CiO partnership gives us the tools and the flexibility to handle nearly all of our business needs.

Just like a quality craftsman understands what tools he needs to complete a job, quality company’s understand having the correct tools to manager their business builds growth and profitability. CiO’s ever growing business platform allows successful companies to focus on what really matters…the quality of their trade.

Midwest Flooring

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Envision How Much More
You Can Accomplish with CiO

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