Automated Texting

Many software platforms can send a text message at certain points in a workflow.  However, in typical Cilio fashion, we go above and beyond to let you design your own experience. It could be a simple one-and-done basic text to introduce yourself to a customer or remind them of an upcoming measure.  Or you can easily setup a text exchange to get a desired response or decision from a customer via text. Better yet, this response can even take an automated action in your system!

However you decide to use the tools, Cilio is here to help ensure your system is setup for the way YOU want the business to run (not managing your business around your software)! Our clients can quickly setup and manage all their own text exchanges without techy code writers or hassle . Here’s some popular ways to use texting in CiO, which again are only limited by your imagination.

Basic Texting Examples:

Welcome Note: When a new Detail or Install is sold, send an automated welcome text introducing yourself to the customer.

Confirmation: When you schedule an appointment, have an automated text confirmation be sent so there is no question of when to expect you.

Set Expectations: Send an automated “What to Expect” page to your customer to ensure there is no surprises on installation day.

On the Way: Create a one-click send for your tech to advise the customer when they are on the way.

Thank you: Send an automated Thank You when the job is finished. Let them know to expect a survey, and to inform you if there are any post-install concerns that would prevent a good rating.


Advanced Texting Examples:

Scheduling #1: When product is pulled at the store, send an automated text to request your customer contact your office to schedule, or reply with a couple available dates. You’re notified of their reply and can schedule without playing Voice Mail tag!

Scheduling #2: When it’s time, first just schedule the job around YOUR best availability. System sends an automated text asking your customer to confirm the desired appt., or provide you alternate dates.

Crew FYI’s: Texting is not limited just to customers! Easily send a group text to all field techs, or all office workers to alert them of anything urgent (or inspirational).

Work Orders: It’s inevitable that post-install concerns will arise. A customer replying to your “Thank-you” text message with a photo of their issue is much easier than waiting on hold to file a complaint thru their big-box store. You quickly address the issue and minimize the visibility.

Build Your Rep: At the end of a job, have an automated text to Thank the customer and invite them to click this link to provide an online rating for their experience (Google, Yelp, Facebook, etc.). One tap and they are dropped off right at your 5-Star review! This improves your online image and the ability for future clients to find you online, all with ZERO added effort from your team.

Whether you want to keep texting basic, get fancy, or build on it over time, Cilio has the tools to have it YOUR way.  Our role is just to guide you along the journey. Reach out today for a brief demo to see how Text Messaging in CiO, or our other system features could help your company be more efficient!