Closing the Sale: Shifting Trends in Kitchen & Bath Sales

When most think of Kitchen and Bath trends, they think of Black being the new grey, smart showers and toilets, or lighter hardwood colors. More important to the General Contractor, is with a significant shift impacting the market recently, who will be selling the project tomorrow? And, who’s ready to take a bigger share…

In a Lowe’s Home Improvement news release on 1/4/19, a decision was publicized to cancel the national PSI Kitchen and Bath remodeling program. The impact of this will be far reaching, including the loss of position for over 1,800 PSI store employees (Project Specialist Interiors), as well as a large market segment of homeowners trying to determine where to shop for their next Kitchen or Bath remodel project. Some will continue to utilize Lowe’s installation services for a smaller version of their renovation, and some will still seek a qualified General Contractor as a one-stop-shop to complete their dream Kitchen or Bath.

The question is, if you are that contractor, will you be ready to meet client’s expectations and seize this opportunity? Whether you install for a big-box, or just want to sell more remodeling jobs in 2019, our Customer Installations Online (CiO for short) software app has all the tools a contractor needs to rise above the competition. Here’s a few ways we deliver…


Your remodels have various stages, with different tradesmen coming and going. Our Project Scheduler aligns each trade in the same view, allowing you to schedule much more effectively.


Paperwork & Photos

Like to save everything?  From drawings, to quotes, contracts and job photos, paperwork can be tough to manage. CiO keeps everything together, with easy online access for anyone on your team that needs it.  Find your attachments instantly, as they can be set into folders automatically too!

Keeping Customers Informed

It’s the #1 area where good companies look bad. CiO provides your customer a simple online view of where their project stands, with ZERO effort from you to maintain. They can even ask you questions or send photos too. Benefit = Amazing communication with far less effort!


There are several other features that the right software can utilize to help a growing company organize.

Here’s a few other tools that CiO can provide:

Pulls Leads from Social Media or Website

Builds online reviews (5-Star!)

Track crew payroll automatically

Fully integrated with Lowes/Depot

Mobile: Details on any job is right in your pocket

We work 1/1 to setup around YOUR company’s needs

Unlimited users to connect your whole team

Plus, much more!!

We hope you can take advantage of the changing remodel market and get your share of Kitchen and Bath remodels. Please click below to request a short demo to see if CiO may be a fit for you in 2019!!

Thank you,

Cilio Technologies

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