Helping Installers Work Easier – Lowe’s IMS Portal

Cilio CiO is proud to announce a host of new functionality that is available to create a smoother and more efficient experience when working between Lowe’s IMS portal and our CiO application! Here’s the latest:

Lowe’s New API portal:

CiO is fully integrated with Lowe’s newest API platform after participating in the test pilot during June of this year. This will soon become the standard for anyone wishing to connect their software to IMS. It is a seamless transition for our current clients moving from Lowe’s old API’s onto the new platform, while adding some new capabilities.

With this new platform, Lowe’s has re-opened the API that allows us to pass schedule dates and other efficiencies in working between the 2 systems. Below are the highlights of what CiO can do for providers working in the IMS portal now.

All Work in ONE place: Your own work and Lowe’s jobs are easily managed from the SAME place

  • Job Details: CiO will pull all customer info, job info, and line item detail from IMS automatically
  • Scheduling:
    • Schedule/reschedule work in your CiO app, and we’ll keep IMS updated for you
    • Even have Lowe’s pre-scheduled details automatically show up on your schedule in CiO!
    • See your crew’s route for the day with any other work nearby
  • Job Notes: Keep your job notes in CiO, and upload to IMS with one click
  • Set the Dates: Follow up dates, pickup dates, etc. all updated in IMS from CiO
  • Documents:
    • Take ANY of your own documents, and CiO will pre-populate it with customer/ job info
    • Electronically complete and send any document from a mobile device in the field
    • Sign completion certificates or any doc from a mobile device
    • *Upload details, completion docs, or photos from CiO to IMS with one click!
  • Plus, much more!

(Screenshot examples of what it looks like to manage IMS from your CiO account!)

When you combine these IMS features with the ability to add Unlimited Users to your CiO account, you have a truly unbeatable value. Reach out to with questions, or contact Joe or David at (262) 320-0480  Ext. #2 to learn more!