Cilio CiO – the Secret of Security and Infrastructure

The secret of Cilio CiO’s security is found in the fact that it resides on its big brother’s (Cilio Partners Portal) secured internet platform.

In 2006 Cilio released its first Partner Portal for LG Hausys and by 2007 moved its use to Lowe’s to manage installed sales for their entire countertop business.  Cilio managed orders for DuPont, Formica Corporation, Cosentino USA, and eventually Curava and Sage Surfaces.  This Portal provides security down to the individual accessing it.   Using user assigned ID’s and passwords, data is protected and insured to be visible to only those with the proper clearance.

On a business level, each company’s data is protected to only their access and always remains their exclusive property.  With a guarantee that if our clients ever decide to move on, Cilio will provide your data back to you in suitable media for your use.

Using the latest techniques of real time backup our servers are backed up to the minute through mirroring and Cloud based disaster recovery.  Meaning a complete physical server farm could be taken down and processing would be transferred to another physical farm.

Since deploying our Portals in 2006, Cilio has not experienced a serious down time and never have we lost any data or encumbered the ability of our customers to transact their business.

Concerning credit card processing, Cilio has connected directly to a credit card processor, where your credit card is collected and managed for subscription billing.  Cilio Technologies does not store or have access to your card number or any credentials to use it and is protected by the processor, who sets the standard for secure credit card processing.

We are proud to say that Cilio CiO maintains these same standards of security for our Service Providers using the CiO system.  Upon request Cilio will provide a Statement of Security to any of our customers or anyone seriously evaluating becoming a customer.

Your information is important to us and we treat it with the upmost care.

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