Installers Have No Time for That!

Ok, so let’s start by painting a common Installer (or Installation company) picture, You’ve got 3 un-heard voicemails, a to-do list in your head that hasn’t made it to paper yet, and your e-mail just pinged twice since you started reading this. You know a better way to manage things is out there, but who has time to sort through the hundreds of different systems? “Could anything really save me time, or actually make this easier?” you’re thinking.  So you keep doing things the same way, while your dreams of getting ahead are drowned out by the phone that just started to ring again.

Sound familiar? It’s an all too common story in this business, and we get it. Here’s what to do:

Invest an hour of your time to listen to our bi-weekly webinar. We run a Live CiO system demo on Tuesday’s at 8 a.m., and Thursday’s at 7 p.m. (Eastern Standard Time). These live demos are for you. To see a better way. To prevent wasting your time pooling thru hundreds of options out there, and finding something that might actually help your unique operation. The feedback from our Webinars has been wonderful. “I had no idea you could do all that…” has been uttered numerous times. To quote a new client from last Thursday’s session, “I thought we were ahead of the game, but wait till my team sees THIS”! Here’s some background on what CiO is:

CiO was designed to fill a big gap in a crowded room for installation and service companies. It’s an application designed for a company to easily manage an installation order, from start to finish. We live in a rapidly changing world where new technology is both fueling and fanning the fire. In this world, individuals and companies will usually fit into one of three boxes:

  1. Loves new tech, and can’t wait for more!
  2. Not a big fan of tech, but will adapt to keep up.
  3. Old school. Still has a flip-phone.

Any system is only effective if people actually use it. This is what helps make CiO unique. Because our target market will fit into any one of those 3 boxes (and there’s a BIG market), it had to have all the features to satisfy the tech hungry, but still be simple enough for the guy with the flip phone to use. And not just use, but actually find value in, because it’s making his day a lot easier!

Join us this coming Tuesday or Thursday!

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