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​​Our Products

With over 15 years of innovation behind us, Cilio continues to deliver solutions that keep our clients ahead of the curve, and the competition. We have developed products for the widest variety of company’s, from Global powerhouses, to the local contractor working from his kitchen table, supporting each with world-class service!

Cilio Partner Portals for Retailers

We manage sales orders from multiple locations, serving as an information hub. We communicate / exchange the needed Order information to multiple partners thru our custom online portals that are tailored to meet specific needs of the product category.

Cilio Partner Portals for Manufacturers/Vendor to retail chains, Type II

We manage and distribute sales orders from a number of retail sales channels, (Like Lowe's, IKEA, etc.) to a network of fabricators, installers, distributors, and stores, while providing material ordering and control over installations.

CiO for Lowe's Service Provider Type I

We receive and digitize document based sales orders, on behalf of the service provider into our online application, providing visibility to all job data. The application provides superior job scheduling, automated communications, mobile access, and includes many specialized features to make installing with Lowe's much easier for the service provider. It also works with both old (ISST) and new (R7) Lowe's document systems.

CiO for doors, windows, plumbing, flooring, window treatment, decks, etc.

Similar to CiO for Lowe's Service Providers, CiO is adapted to various categories of installable products from any Big Box or retail chain, including your own dealer network. Please contact us to discuss!