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​​Standout features of Cilio’s CiO

Face it, there are a lot of tools out there designed to help you organize. CiO is different because we combine more of the features you want in a system, but above all we make it look SIMPLE. What makes an application great is not how much it will do, but how easy it is for people to actually USE. We provide most every feature you’d want while making sure it’s easy enough for your “tech-challenged” team to use too!

​Keeping it together.

All your Job "paperwork" is stored electronically, right there inside the app. With all your client files, notes, history, photos, etc. in one place, it's much faster to get anyone the details they need, right when they need it.

​Doing some Lowe's work?

We are very familiar with the challenges in working with a retail partner, so we do some very special things. Like automatically: create a new job in the system for you by "scraping" all the info from the PO worksheet, saving all the Job documents you receive, sending schedule notifications FOR you, signing Completions on a mobile device, and much more. We're even set up to work on BOTH Lowe's new and old systems!

Your Forms. Anytime.

Streamline your life and make your paperwork simple. Take ANY company form and have it opened, automatically filled out and even capture one or multiple signatures all in just one click!

See How!

​Fits your business model.

We can talk to your QuickBooks, or just use the invoices we can make for you automatically. CiO is flexible enough to mirror your current workflow, no matter where your work comes from.

Superior Scheduling Tool

Beautiful Map View puts all your work on a map at once so you can schedule most efficiently! Find a hole in your tech's schedule, drag a Job from your list, and just drop it right on.

Additional Features

You can keep CiO as simple, or as full-featured as you need to truly fit your business model. These options were created from the feedback of our clients to eliminate pain points and save time. The one price for each feature provides usage for EVERYONE on your team when applicable (not per-user). You've got problems, we've got answers!