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​​​​Benefits of Cilio’s CiO

Your team is BUSY! We get it. Hopefully, that means you’re making money. It also means that you can’t change up your business UNLESS it either saves you time, saves you money, or ideally both. CiO has a unique set of benefits that really impact your team in different ways. Here’s just a few points to prove the “juice is worth the squeeze!”

​For Business Owners

You probably don't have the time or brainpower to automatically know where every job stands at any moment. You need to know at a glance what stage all your work is in, and get pro-active about heading off issues before they become real problems. Your growth and reputation depend on it!

  • See what stage all your work is at right on one page.
  • Easily see what you need to put hands on for that day.
  • Access anything about your business right from a phone or tablet.

​For Your Office

You are Mission Control, and the heart of everything organized. Among the many hats you wear, priorities are to get work scheduled efficiently, be the master communicator, keep crews productive & busy, and make sure more money comes in than goes out. CiO has your back!

  • Our Scheduling Tool will make you say, "THIS is what I've been waiting for!"
  • We'll send communications out FOR you.
  • All your records are in ONE place, so you can stop hunting files & folders.

​For Field Techs

You're the professional here, providing the skill and expertise that the client is paying for. Goal is to get in, give them a great install experience, get out quickly, repeat! Probably not a big fan of paperwork, you want easy access to the info needed to do your job, and would rather get home and crack a cold one instead of sitting down at a desk to do paperwork. CiO can help with that!

  • Access your up-to-the-minute schedule right from any mobile device.
  • All the "paperwork" you'll need is right in the app. (No more checking e-mail for work).
  • Paperwork is done & sent before leaving the job site!

5 Minute Demonstration

We understand how fast schedules can fill up, so we have summarized the power of Cilio CiO into a quick 5 minute demonstration. Watch the demo here!