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Check out what some of our clients have to say about their experience using CiO . . .

Blind Wizard Services - Karen

“It’s good for us, we use it to implement workflow process for our call center. The support is great! Very responsive! The value is ease of document management, since we do 14,000 transactions per year. It makes workflow tracking documentation accessible online with accurate information.”

Simon Says Construction - Brad Simon

“I haven’t used it to its full potential yet, but, I am finding it convenient, less paper. David does a wonderful job and the support is phenomenal! I work on the weekends, and there are not too many people that you can call on the weekend and get it fixed that day or get your questions answered, via phone, email, etc. The value that this system provides me is time saved. I can be anywhere and get the information that I need and that’s the most important to me. I’ve been telling people about it. I’ve been doing more traveling and I don’t have to carry my other schedule with me. What I have seen so far, I really like!”

Adams Doors and More - Adam Platte

“I like it. It keeps everything organized how it syncs with other stores. I install doors and contract with Lowes. Lowes can change things and CiO creates a faster turnaround time. I’m presenting it to some installers at an upcoming meeting, and the “higher ups” at Lowe’s are very impressed by the CiO system. *I have been able to get rid of back office employees, which has saved me money. My company is more efficient. My weekly deposits are bigger due to invoices coming over little by little and being paid more often rather than all at once which can be overwhelming. In other words, turnaround time for pay has increased. My phone stopped ringing because I got stores trained and they just look up the info that they need on the CiO system rather than calling me.”

Incredible Installations - Melissa

“Better than other systems that I’ve used. (CRM Enforce, M help desk for example). Haven’t need a whole lot of support, however, when questions or issues arise, they are resolved quickly. Top notch support! An easier to maintain scheduler provides value for us.”

East Valley Appliance and Repair - Kathy Neufeld

“Bottom line is that I enjoy my weekends and evenings now, it has literally freed up countless hours for me and I know saved hundreds of trees!!! The stores love it. It really and truly has changed many lives around here. MUCH LESS STRESS AND NO GUESS WORK ON PAPERWORK BECAUSE IT DOESN'T EXIST ANYMORE!! Yay, yay yay!!!!! We have 27 stores, 8 installers and everyone is happier! Working with Joe Olejnik is priceless, it's like having software custom made for our company.”