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​​About Cilio

Our roots
Cilio Technologies LLC, was founded in 2001 by Randy Olejnik, who has spent his career in information technology for manufacturing and supply chain. After many years of experience with Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems, project management systems and supply chain systems for the manufacturing sector, Randy built a team of professionals to develop, implement and support solutions to address these areas of the business.

Building materials order management was very manual and confusing especially for installed sales products – products such as countertops, doors, windows, floors, decks, and any other product for homes or businesses that may need to be fabricated and that have to be professionally installed. A complicated network of manufacturers, distributors, installers, fabricators, and dealers may be involved in fulfilling orders for installed products, which only adds to the complexity. Existing building materials software and order management systems didn’t quite solve this problem

Riding the cloud
With the evolution of software as a service (SaaS) and cloud technologies, Cilio saw an opportunity to simplify this very complicated problem and built a web-based platform for building materials order management. The Cilio Partners Portal, not only simplifies the flow of order information throughout this complex supply chain, but it also helps manufacturers and retailers cut costs, grow their businesses, and manage partner networks.

Ongoing innovation
As the Cilio team continues to work with clients on their order distribution and management solutions, they continue to improve and evolve the Cilio Partners Portal to meet new and changing needs of its users. Most recently Cilio has introduced CiO specifically for Installation Companies and Big Box Service providers, especially those also working independently for Lowe’s. We are very excited about this new product offering and have expanded our support and training teams to welcome this growing community.

We are constantly looking at the way clients communicate and interact with their partners, customers and within their organizations, to find new and innovative ways to simplify this business process and help clients improve their bottom line.


With over 15 years of innovation behind us, Cilio continues to deliver solutions that keep our clients ahead of the curve, and the competition. We have developed products for the widest variety of company's, from Global powerhouses, to the local contractor working from his kitchen table, supporting each with world-class service!

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Meet the Cilio team

The Cilio team began over 15yrs ago as a family run organization, and has expanded to include a variety of individual skillsets necessary to meet the needs of our innovative product lines. While the company and most team members are based outside Milwaukee Wisconsin, others are located in NC & TX, all combining to bring decades of experience to the table.

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How to reach the Cilio team

Whether you have a simple question about our existing products, or are interested in discussing some custom work, WE WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU! (262)-320-0480 Cilio Technologies, LLC 200 South Executive Drive, Suite 101 Brookfield, WI 53005